Navajo Nation Museum


OPEN CASTING for voice actors/actresses for STAR WARS!!!! May 3,4 here at the Navajo Nation Museum in Window Rock, AZ. Call 928.871.7941 to schedule an audition. Walk in auditions are welcome too but to be safe we are encouraging appointments be made.

Casting will be done for Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, Princess Leia, Han Solo, C-3PO, Obi Wan Kenobi, and Grand Moff Tarkin. (sorry no Chewbaca.)

Qualifications are fluency in Navajo and good acting skills.

Call 928.871.7941 Mon -Sat (business hours)

-You arrive and register
-You are handed the written script for your scene an hour(or so) prior to your audition.
-If you have trouble reading Navajo an audio guide track in Navajo will be played for you when you're in the audition room.
-You give us your best Oscar winning audition ever!

CALL TODAY ! The appointment schedule is starting to fill!

Star Wars Saga to be translated into Diné language (Navajo Times)